Soon to be bride, Daya,  was showered with love by family and friends with this Afro chic themed bridal shower.  The most memorable part of the shower was when the groom was asked to pick out his bride from a group of 4 young ladies, covered in khangas, an East African clothe.  In some Tanzanian culture, at least 4-7 young ladies are fully covered in khangas from head to toe, and the groom has to pass the test of finding his bride.  Failure to do so costs him more bride price to pay.  The groom typically bribes the bride's parents or siblings with either a sum of money or quantity of goods (e.g: goats, sheep, tobacco), and once satisfied, the family assists him in finding his actual bride.  In Brandon's first attempt, he picked out his aunt LOL.  He conveniently left his wallet downstairs but bribed the maid of honor with an "IOU" and eventually found his bride.